The world of electronics is constantly evolving

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The world of electronics today is witnessing a remarkable development at increasing rates from one moment to the next. From smart phones, we move with a touch to tablets to look at smart watches, all in a few moments, and companies are still competing to provide their best products at the best possible price, to acquire the largest share of sales of various electronic devices.
smart phones
The smart phone or mobile phone is no longer just a means of communication and conversations with each other only, Today, with a simple touch on the smartphone screen, we can book a flight ticket, pay for hotel accommodation, and buy all our needs from the widespread online stores. Rather, through phone applications, we can monitor some important health signs: Like the heart rate.

The most important features offered by smart phones:
• Precision: Regarding the digital data transmission function such as: IBAN number and ID number quickly and precisely as well as easy storage of this data.
• the speed: In data transmission and processing, as well as communication, as well as the ability to browse various sites easily and smoothly.
Consolidation: Where it is possible to easily integrate between the smartphone and any other device such as: Laptop or TV screen without the need for any wires or connections, and only through the wireless Internet can connect all these devices to each other.
Simple touch screens: Also in different sizes to suit all consumer tastes.
• digital camera: With lenses that differ in the degree of purity and the extent of their ability to zoom in and record videos with different degrees of quality and storage space, To document every cherished moment.
The ability to run more than one application: Many times we need Google Maps support while we are making a phone call at the same moment we are browsing our Facebook page, All at the same moment.

The most sold types of smartphones on Amazon:
• Samsung Galaxy M LTE13 phone: It supports two SIM cards and 64GB of internal storage. It features a wide screen of 6.6 inches to enjoy the mobile gaming experience.
• Samsung Galaxy M M33 fifth generation phone: It features a large internal storage of up to 128 GB. It also supports two SIM cards at the same time.
• Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone: With a distinctive design and an excellent storage capacity of up to 256 GB, it supports 5G technology to ensure the best online browsing experience.

smart tablets
Tablet devices provide a distinct experience in dealing with their screens compared to smart phones, which gives the user the opportunity to be creative in the field of design and drawing. As well as the ability to read and study comfortably for the eye.
Tablet features:
• The tablet can keep all the student’s textbooks without being damaged, as is the case with printed paper books.
• The tablet provides the student with many distance learning options at any time he likes, without being restricted to a specific place or time.
• light weight, Therefore, businessmen and developers are keen to acquire it to be with them in their lengthy meetings or even during their travel trips.
• Ease of use, Which means an enjoyable experience for the user of smart tablets, as he can use the tablet to learn, watch videos, browse and buy online, all that and more with a simple touch.
smart watches
Classic watches have not lost their splendor, but owning a smart watch has become common today and is no longer limited to celebrities or entrepreneurs. We notice a great deal of interest among young people and adolescents in this type.
Types of smart watch
• Apple watch7 smart watch: This advanced watch allows you to measure the percentage of oxygen and blood pressure, The ability to add text with the help of artificial intelligence, water and dust resistant, It can be charged to 80% in less than 1 hour.
• Huawei band 6 smart watch, from the Chinese giant Huawei, Supports tracking of more than 100 different types of exercise, such as: walking and running, GPS positioning system, Battery with high charging capacity and long times, Help you identify your sleep problems.
• T500 smart watch from the brand Value Smash, compatible with all smartphone operating systems, 1.4 inch screen, the ability to track your heart rate, Flashlight for distinctive illumination in time of need.
Sugar analyzer
It is no secret to any of us the seriousness of diabetes. Therefore, we must all pay attention to measuring the level of sugar in the blood from time to time. Today, in the world of electronics, it is easy for us to use a blood glucose monitor at home, without puncturing, with ease and accuracy.
The best types of blood glucose monitor:
The German-made Performa Accu-chek glucose meter:
• The device comes with a large screen for easy reading of the results of the glucose test
• Ease of use and control
• Get the sugar test result in just 5 seconds
• A unique internal memory that enables you to keep the results of 500 blood sugar tests
Accu-chek active:
• The device needs a very simple sample of blood to check the sugar
• Allows monitoring and tracking of blood sugar levels
Free style lite glucose meter:
• The device is characterized by its small size and thus ease of carrying and moving it from one place to another
• Clear screen for easy reading of glucose analysis results
• Lighting where the tape is placed on the device
• It does not require a large sample of blood to do a blood sugar test

blood pressure device
As in diabetes, The rise or fall of blood pressure suddenly and without warning may later lead to serious consequences. Therefore, we must all monitor and measure blood pressure regularly to have a calm and healthy life.
pressure measurement method
• Sit in a quiet place and relax for 10 minutes before taking the test
• Not withholding urine and the need to empty the bladder before the test
• Do not wear clothes with tight sleeves
• Avoid talking and moving during the manometry test
• Sit with back straight and feet on the floor
• Placing the arm comfortably on the table and ensuring the stability of the arm during the test
Smartphone accessories
We are always exposed to emergency situations at any time and place. Therefore, we must prepare well for these situations. We don’t want our smartphone battery to run out of charge and we don’t want to be confused while driving a car by answering the phone.
Examples of some smartphone accessories:
• Power Bank 20000 mAh from the brand Icon, It includes 3 USB ports through which you can charge all of these devices at the same time. A powerful and reliable power bank that is also light in weight.
• Wireless earphone from the brand Boy Tuned, With a charging capacity of up to 3500 amps, water resistant, With noise canceling and microphone, And the inner voice of high purity.
• Anker PowerWave wireless charger, This charger allows you to compatible with 10W devices like Samsung phone, 5W devices like iPhone as well as wireless earbuds.
You may think that by owning a smart phone, a smart watch, and a power bank in your pocket, that you have owned a lot of devices in the world of electronics, To surprise your friend wearing virtual reality glasses and living in another world and interacting with him, As we navigate the world of electronics, we discover more and more modern devices to help us in all aspects of our lives.