Watches, bags and accessories

Watches, bags and accessories

الساعات والحقائب والاكسسوارات الرجالي

The beauty of clothes is not complete without accessories and watches because they give an elegant appearance to the clothes. Most women are keen to wear accessories to highlight their elegance and special style. There are some accessories that many are keen to wear to keep up with fashion, including:

  • Bracelets : Bracelets are considered one of the most important things that highlight the beauty of clothes in harmony with the colors of the clothes.
  • Wrist watch: especially the golden watch, which gives an attractive appearance to the hand and adds luster and shine to clothes.
  • Bags : Many of us in this era need to wear bags to put in them the daily things that we need, and they also increase the elegance and beauty of clothes.
  • Belts : Belts are among the basic things that we must have because they add to the beauty of clothes, including wide belts, classic leather belts, and others.

The Tradezone store has many of the finest watches, accessories and bags from luxury brands, whether men or women.

First: Men’s accessories

  1. Men’s watches: Many men are keen on acquiring watches because of their great influence in changing the look of clothes. There are many watches available on the Tradezon store that suit all modern and modern tastes, including :

Distinctive men’s watches from the brand Nibosi: It is considered one of the best men’s watches made of water-resistant steel. It also has a unique shape and high quality. It is also available in different colors (black, gold, silver, navy).

* Men’s watches from the brand Dior: This wonderful watch from Dior is characterized by luxury and elegance, as it is water resistant.

* Rolex men’s watch: The Swiss Rolex watch is considered one of the most important 5 watches for men.

Patek Philippe men’s watch: Patek Philippe watches are Swiss and have a luxurious and distinctive character. She had a large hair among the luxurious watches, as many famous personalities wore them.

* Sports watch from HIWATCH: This watch is water resistant and supports wireless charging. It also supports the Arabic language, displaying calls and notifications, not from social networking programs, as well as receiving and rejecting calls.

* Audemars Piaget first-class chronograph watch with accessories: The Audemars Piaget watch is distinguished as one of the most luxurious men’s watches, and it is also distinguished by its distinctive design, high quality, and it has gained great fame in the field of watches.

secondly: sunglasses:

One of the most important accessories that men are keen to acquire is sunglasses, because it gives an elegant look to clothes, On the Tradezone store, there are many of the most luxurious sunglasses brands, including:

  • Givenchy glasses: Givenchy glasses are always the first choice for elegance-loving men all over the world, as they suit all tastes and attract attention with their attractive modern colors and elegant appearance.
  • Dior glasses: Dior glasses are considered one of the most luxurious men’s sunglasses, as they give a sexy and attractive look to men. It is characterized by the presence of a metal or plastic structure, And anti-reflective lens.
  • Chanel glasses: Chanel glasses, with their distinctive design, are among the most luxurious watches, as they combine strength and delicacy. Chanel is also considered one of the most luxurious eyewear brands.
  • Versace glasses: The Italian brand Versace is one of the most luxurious brands for making glasses. Versace glasses are distinguished by their elegant appearance, which is characterized by luxury and elegance together.

Third: Bags and luggage:

Many luxury brands of bags are also available on the Tradezone store, including:

  • Louis Vuitton High Quality Bag: The Louis Vuitton bag is characterized by elegance, as all fashion lovers are keen to own it, as it is one of the most luxurious types of leather. It is also printed with the brand’s logo and has an inner lining, which increases your beauty by wearing it.
  • Book Cartier: The brand Cartier began producing this wallet for men, which is characterized by a thin design and high quality. It is manufactured in Italy according to the highest standards.
  • Versace bag: Versace men’s bags are considered one of the best men’s wallets, which are distinguished by their elegance and luxurious design. They are also easy to carry and light in weight, so many men are keen to buy them.